Yvonne Slee

Yvonne Slee has been nursing since 1973 and has extensive experience in the development of clinical expertise and mental health care services. Yvonne is a qualified nurse specialist in psychiatry and also has gained a Masters in Human Development. Yvonne currently works as manager of the Antes College in the Rijnmond region of the Netherlands. From the early years of her career Yvonne has had a particular interest in double diagnosis, the combination of psychiatric and addiction disorders. Yvonne believes strongly that more attention within addiction services in the Netherlands should be focused upon the development of clinical expertise in the areas of the social and somatic consequences of addictions as well as the development of nursing skills in promoting recovery.

“Our knowledge and experience of nursing is developing rapidly. Good practice requires solid research as well as the dissemination of knowledge and nursing interventions. Coaching, supervision and sharing good practice are important in the development of transparent professional standards of practice within the nursing profession. The Dutch Chapter of IntNSA wants to share her knowledge and experience of good practice and professional standards in addiction nursing with both our European and international colleagues.” Yvonne Slee 2018

IntNSA's Mission: To advance excellence in nursing care for the prevention and treatment of addictions for diverse populations across all practice setting through advocacy, collaboration, education, research and policy development.