Christien Loth, Phd, MN, MANP, RN

My name is Chris Loth, I am a board member of IntNSA Holland. In addition, I work as a nurse specialist mental health care from my own practice LOTH Nursing in the east of the country. There I provide specialized care to patients who suffer from double problems such as ADHD and addiction, autism and addiction, PTSD and addiction. In 2009 I obtained my PhD at the University of Amsterdam for an action research on improvements in nursing care from ambulatory methadone projects. Since 2012 I have been working as MANP GGZ, including a number of hours with a GP specifically for addiction problems. In Utrecht I am affiliated with the GGZVS as a senior lecturer in addiction and addiction treatments and responsible for the addiction curriculum of this three-year course.

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IntNSA's Mission: To advance excellence in nursing care for the prevention and treatment of addictions for diverse populations across all practice setting through advocacy, collaboration, education, research and policy development.